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Complete Star Trek The Next Generation Series 2 NEAR MASTER set of 279! Nimoy

Complete Star Trek The Next Generation Series 2 NEAR MASTER set of 279! Nimoy

Complete Star Trek The Next Generation Series 2 NEAR MASTER set of 279! Nimoy

This is the Complete Star Trek The Next Generation. (1991 - 1994) Series 2. Trading card set from Rittenhouse Archives.

This is the complete set of 279 cards, including all bonus and expansion sets. EXCEPT the James Doohan Cut Signature Autograph Card! This DOES, however, include the RITTENHOUSE REWARDS.

H10 Holodeck card of Scotty. And the Leonard Nimoy incentive card! This master set comes in the Rittenhouse Archives binder for the set and includes.

One each of the following cards. Time's Arrow, Part 1. Time's Arrow, Part 2. Chain of Command, Part 1.

Chain of Command, Part 2. Parallel Base Set (1:3 packs). Tribute Cards (1:6 packs). Kuter as Cytherian in "The Nth Degree". Jean Simmons as Admiral Norah Satie in "The Drumhead".

Larry Dobkin as Ambassador Kell in "The Mind's Eye". Ben Slack as K'Tal in "Redemption". Paul Winfield as Captain Dathon in "Darmok". Scott Marlowe as Keeve Falor in "Ensign Ro".

Graham Jarvis as Klim Dokachin in "Unification". Harriet Leider as Amarie in "Unification". Jack Murdock as Beggar in "Time's Arrow". Ray Walston as Boothby in "The First Duty". Tony Jay as Third Minister Campio in "Cost of Living".

Susan French as Sev Maylor in "Man of the People". James Doohan as Captain Montgomery Scott in "Relics". Joy Garrett as Annie Meyers in "A Fistful of Datas".

Madge Sinclair as Captain Silva La Forge in "Interface". Shay Duffin as Ned Quint in "Sub Rosa". John Franklyn-Robbins as Macias in "Preemptive Strike". Best of the Holodeck (1:8 packs). Enterprise NC-1701 (1:12 packs).

Star Trek Communicator Pin Cards (1:200 packs). Counselor Deanna Troi - 161/300. Autograph Cards (1:6 packs). David Ogden Stiers as Timicin in "Half a Life" (Extremely Limited). Marina Sirtis as Counselor Troi (Extremely Limited).

Jonathan Frakes as Commander William Riker (Extremely Limited). John Delancie as Q (Extremely Limited). Denise Crosby as Sela (Extremely Limited). Matt Frewer as Berlinghoff Rasmussen in "A Matter of Time" (Extremely Limited). Tony Todd as Kurn in "Redemption" (Extremely Limited).

Ashley Judd as Ensign Robin Lefler in "The Game" (Very Limited). Kelsey Grammer as Captain Bateson in "Cause and Effect " (Very Limited). Colm Meaney as O'Brien (Very Limited).

Robert O'Reilly as Gowron in "Redemption" (Very Limited). Susan Diol as Carmen Davila in "Silicon Avatar" (Very Limited). Stephen Lee as Chorgan in "The Vengence Factor" (Limited). Jonathan Del Arco as Hugh in "I, Borg" (Limited). Michael Snyder as Qol in "The Perfect Mate" (Limited).

Patti Yasutake as Nurse Alyssa Ogawa in "Clues" (Limited). Natalija Nogulich as Admiral Nechayev in "Preemptive Strike" (Limited). Kila Marr in "Silicon Avatar" (Limited). Albie Selznik as The Juggler in "Cost of Living" (Limited). Jeffrey Hayenga as Orta in "Ensign Ro" (Limited). Ron Canada as Martin Benbeck in "The Masterpiece Society" (Limited). Nicholas Kepros as General Movar in "Redemption" (Limited). Frank Collison as Gul Dolak in "Ensign Ro" (Limited). Pran Tainer in "Inheritance" (Limited). Megan Cole as Noor in "The Outcast" (Limited).

Vyto Ruginis as Chief Engineer Logan in "The Arsenal of Freedom" (Limited). Nicole Orth-Pallavicini as Kareel Odan in "The Host" (Limited). Ben Lemon as Jev in "Violations" (Limited).

Fran Bennett as Fleet Admiral Shanthi in "Redemption, Part II" (Limited). JD Cullum as Toral in "Redemption" (Limited). Eve Brenner as Inad in "Violations" (Limited).

Gabriel Damon as Jeremy Aster in "The Bonding". Gene Dynarski as Commander Orfil Quintero in "11001001". Taylor as Haritath in "The Ensigns of Command". Barbara Tarbuck as Governor Leka Trion in "The Host".

Castulo Guerra as Seth Mendoza in "The Price". Joshua Harris as Timothy in "Hero Worship". Malachi Throne as Senator Pardek in "Unification√ā". Richard Fancy as Captain "Satelk in "The First Duty. Hallie Todd as Lal in "The Offspring".

John Fleck as Taibak in "The Mind's Eye". Dey Young as Hannah Bates in "The Masterpiece Society". Barbara Alyn Woods as Kareen Brianon in "The Schizoid Man". Darien Wallace in "Time Squared". Jim Norton as Albert Einstein in "Descent".

Chad Allen as Jono in "Suddenly Human". Bruce French as Sabin "Genestra in "The Drumhead. Barbara Williams as Anna in "Liaisons". Jane Daly as Varria in "The Most Toys". Earl Boen as Nagilum in Where Silence Has Lease Autograph Card.

Leonard Nimoy as Spock Autograph Card. Promo Cards # Card Title.

P2 Non-Sport Update Magazine Promo. H10 Holodeck Card - "Relics". Mint, fresh from the pack to the pages to you! These cards are each in their pages (save the badge and incentive cards). And are in immaculate condition!

This master set includes all 5 badge cards, 6-case incentive Leonard Nimoy autograph. And the now-deceased Malachi Throne and Leonard Nimoy!

Current Non-Sports Update value for this set. Not including the binder, Convention Exclusive P4.

And Rittenhouse Rewards card - and priced before the death of Mr. Free promo card with every order.

As it is the ONLY reliable way to track international orders. We do pretty diligent quality control, but.

These are not graded cards and may have some imperfections. In the cases of sets, some sets come factory-sealed. We do our best to describe cards accurately. But with the increase in scammers and collectors with. Unrealistic expectations for ungraded cards, we can't. Do business with people who don't actually read the listings. If you need more details about condition, ask first. Defects after-the-fact to any component of this set.
Complete Star Trek The Next Generation Series 2 NEAR MASTER set of 279! Nimoy